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Q&A Tuesday:

All I do in my free time is watch Netflix because that’s all I really want to do. How can I find something more productive that I like to do instead?

More Productive than Netflix

Good for you for wanting to better yourself! It’s crazy that people spend on average 5 hours a day watching Netflix, isn’t it? I’m glad you’re wanting to stop the cycle.

A lot of people automatically go to watching Netflix – especially after work – because it gives you easy dopamine.

1. Keep in mind how much energy you have.

Typically you don’t want to be trying to solve complicated math problems after an 8-hour shift at work.

2. Research common activities others like to do.

There’s a lot of information on the internet and there are so many different types of people. I guarantee that if you spend some time looking at popular hobbies – you’ll find one that suits you.

3. Read new things.

Gaining new knowledge is easy when you’re reading something interesting. Even if you like to read fiction books, you’re still improving your vocabulary.

4. Understand you won’t like the change at first.

A lot of people expect hobbies to be something that you love 24/7 and you never get tired of. Sadly, this isn’t true. Expect about a 50/50 return on your hobbies. 50% of the time you’re working towards something and 50% of the time you’re enjoying it. Although – when you do accomplish a goal you’ve been working towards – your love for your hobby will increase 100x more.

5. It takes ~20 days to build a habit.

Since you’ve been watching Netflix often for a long time, know that it will take a while to break the habit. I’d do some research on quitting and replacing bad habits before you start your productivity journey.

6. Know why you want to be more productive.

When you’re feeling tired of trying to entertain yourself with something other than Netflix, think back to why you’re doing this for yourself. It will help you get out of that mindset.

7. Give yourself time.

When I started working out for my health – I viewed it as time-consuming and exhausting. Now… I love it. You may not like a hobby at first because of the learning curve, but just keep going. If you still don’t like it after many weeks, then it’s probably not for you.

Also, I suggest you do some thinking as to what you’re wanting to do that is ‘productive’. What do you constitute as productive? Learning new things, bettering yourself, or just something other than Netflix?

To me personally, I find programming to be a fun and productive pastime. To others – they may view it as a waste of time.

When you know what you view as productive and worthwhile – then you’ll be able to find productive activities that suit your specific journey in life.

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